Friday, April 9, 2010



Yesterday, April 9th, I read an article in the Myrtle Beach Sun News by a black man named Walter Williams, who claimed to be an economics professor at George Mason University. The article insidiously described social legislation by the progressives on the left as an unacceptable imposition to those on the right who desire nothing more than to turn a blind social eye on the plight of the less fortunate. He called for a “bloodless” but nevertheless irreconcilable severance of the States that demand limited central government from the States that tend to recognize a more stable order emanating from a stronger central government.

Reading Walter Williams’ Palinesque column in the April 9th edition of the Sun Times left me shaking with incredulous rage. Seldom have I read such a malevolent, bigoted concoction of half truths, innuendo and simplistic drivel. My initial reaction to the column was “go ahead, take away social security, medicare, affirmative action, health care and whatever else you deem to be an imposition upon your sanctimonious, aristocratic concept of social and political freedom. Then you will see just how much unjustifiable misery you have wrought upon so many with so little forethought.

What precisely constitutes ultimate freedom to this “mongrel dog” of academia? Will he be happy carrying a loaded weapon into an otherwise social gathering? Perhaps he would find a sense of self worth by denying poor kids decent sustenance because he perceives their parents as undeserving, lazy or useless. What is it you see desirable in a system of class warfare, Mr. Williams, where totalitarian rights are defined as haves and have nots? Is it your desire, Mr. Williams, to arrogantly dismiss the millions who wander unprotected in an old age without any of the three most significant (and obviously brittle) guarantees of the American constitution? While you proselytize on the ignominies of the Federalist Papers, I am unable to proceed past the lines “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

If you think that “being left alone” while others perish, either here or abroad, of malnutrition, ignorance, disease, filth and impoverishment is the answer to what ails humankind, then, sir, I would suggest that Milton was inexorably mistaken by suggesting that “no man is an island entirely unto himself. “

I read that you are an academic, Mr. Williams, at a school I once recognized as esteemed, but now fear is little more than a think tank for a regressive society predisposed to rewarding the undeservedly rich with the silver spoon of hypocritical indulgence while the masses huddle under a totalitarian government concerned primarily with corporate bottom lines and an increasingly immobile society that sees nothing wrong with the top one percent possessing more wealth than the bottom 95% COMBINED.

The concept of a Christian Hell, Mr. Williams, is a mythical horror I have long since put behind me. But I have read Dante’s Inferno, although I suspect that you have not, and in his system of eternal justice I would place you and your recent comments condoning a bloodless but holy secession right there in the furthest reaches of his ninth circle. You, and those who think like you, deserve no better. As a student of literature and philosophy, I have always anticipated the promise of some form of apocalyptic justice mixed with the sudden recognizable gnashing of aristocratic teeth.

Lawrence Young

April 10, 2010

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